M. Gayle (Asali) Dickson, Black Panther Party Graphic Artist

M. Gayle (Asali) Dickson is a graphic artist whose work appeared on the back covers of the Black Panther Party newspaper from 1972-1974. She also was a pre-school and art teacher at the BPP’s Oakland Community School from 1974-1976. She spends time in this clip discussing her work and the process the team of BPP graphic artists used when working on creating the artwork that accompanied each issue of the Party newspaper, alternately known as The Black Panther and The Black Panther Intercommunal News Service, published from April 1967-September 1980.

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All Power to the People Black Panther Party at 50 Exhibit Closes Today (2/26)at the Oakland Museum of California

All Power to the People BPP at 50 Recap from Angela LeBlanc-Ernest on Vimeo.

Twenty- seven years ago I began my journey researching Black Panther Party history. My specific interest at the time was women in the Party and the BPP’s community Survival Programs. I returned to Oakland during January 2017 to see the historic exhibit honoring the Party’s 50 year anniversary at the Oakland Museum of California. The exhibit, which opened during October 2016 closes today, having been extended due to the popularity. I consider myself blessed to have attended. I happened to capture photos and video of moments of the tour on that day and I have edited a short clip. It was a special day for me. I hope you enjoy it.

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