Angela at UCB Vincent
UC Berkeley (26 July 2018). Photographer: Jade LeBlanc-Ernest

Angela D. LeBlanc-Ernest is an independent scholar and media content creator whose work has centered on American History post-1965, with an emphasis on the Modern Black Freedom Struggle. Her work on the history of the Black Panther Party includes the history of women and the impact of gender in the Party as well as the organization’s community Survival Programs. Her publications have appeared in anthologies, academic journals, blogs and encyclopedias as well as popular venues such as Colorlines, Vibe and the Black Youth Project. She is a graduate of Harvard University (BA in Afro-American Studies) and Stanford University (MA in American History) and was the founding director of the Black Panther Party Research Project at Stanford. Currently, she is a co-founder of the Intersectional Black Panther Party History Project, and is working on a documentary about the BPP’s Oakland Community School, one of their longest-lasting Survival Programs. 

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